Welcome to MyDiabetesLifeStyle.com

Welcome to MyDiabetesLifeStyle.com a community dedicated to people living with Diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics are welcome. The family of Diabetics are also invited to become members. The goal of this site is to offer a dedicated community that helps Diabetics in their everyday life.

Members can join this site for free.

As a member you can read and comment on news articles. Read and comment on blogs. Ask questions in our forums or respond with your own insights.

Check out new recipes that are delicious and Diabetic friendly.

Members can also post their Glucose readings, calorie intake, and log exercise data.

Members can play games and compete in tournaments. Some tournaments will offer prizes.

MyDiabetesLifestyle.com will feature lifestyle articles that will give you information you need on how to better cope with your Diabetes.

Welcome to MyDiabeteLifeStyle.com a community where you can be informed and entertained.

Note: This is a community site, opinions and advice offered within this community should always be reviewed by you and your physician.  

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