Bring on the Fun and Games

By Ken Patterson

Diabetes is not fun, but Diabetics greatly appreciate a little fun in their lives.

We have just posted the game “Fruits Galore Version 1.0”. Fruits Galore is a Match 3 style game with a twist, the goal is to earn a high score, not endlessly unlock levels. By focusing on a “High Score” goal system we can create a competitive experience.

There are 10 levels, try and earn as many points possible in the time allocated. You need to exceed a level goal score to continue, miss that goal score and the game is over. Try again, I am sure you will see improvement in your score.

Matching 4 tiles gives you a horizontal or vertical sweep bonus. Activate these by including them in a match and watch the tiles disappear and your score rise. There are mini bombs also. Match 5 tiles and get a big bomb. Activate that on a fruit tile and watch all those fruit tiles explode and increase your score.

There are “Bonus” items at the bottom of screen. Depending on the level you can use them to help you ramp up your score.

“Bonus Time” is earned by eliminating certain fruit tiles. A good strategy is to focus on fruits that give you the bonus time quickest.

Right now, you will need to post your high score in our “Forum”. Please use the honor system. We are working on an automatic online leader board system. That is coming in December.

We also have many more games on the way.

Have fun with our games and let’s start some good competitions. See you on the high score posts.

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