The Diabetes Cookbook Review 

The Diabetes Cookbook: 300 Healthy Recipes for Living Powered by the Diabetes Food Hub 1st Edition

By Lara Rondinelli-Hamilton RD, LDN, CDE and Chef Jennifer Bucko Lamplough

Review by Ken Patterson

Coming up with meal ideas at our house is enough of a challenge without having to think about diabetes, so when we received “The Diabetes Cookbook” we were hopeful that it would help us find good, healthy ideas for meals. I am happy to say that this book really made an impact in our diabetes meal planning.

There are 300 diabetic friendly recipes. The book is organized very well. Quick Recipes, Foodie Recipes, Budget Friendly Recipes, Slow-Cooker Recipes, as well as Kid Friendly Recipes. This book also covers Gluten-Free Recipes, Grain and Dairy Free Recipes, Vegan and Flexitatarian (Mainly Plant Based diet with a moderate amount of meat or animal products). Lastly Mediterranean and Low Glycemic Recipes are also included.

I have marked off two dozen meals that my wife and I want to try. The recipes range in prep time from 5 to 30 minutes, and cooking times of 5 to 45 minutes (not including the slow cooker recipes). Each recipe comes with Nutritional Facts, which is very helpful to know the exact amounts of carbs, sodium, etc. The ingredients list is clear, and many times features some clever ingredients. For example, “Low Sodium Soy Sauce”, what a great item to add to our kitchen ingredients for other meals.

We made the “Bulgogi (Grilled Korean Beef)”. It recommends using an Indoor Grill, which we have for cold Minnesota winters. The meat was flavorful and tasted great over steamed veggies. I want to make this recipe for my nondiabetic friends it was so good.

“The Diabetes Cookbook” is full of tasty and healthy recipes. 

I was able to share this book with my son’s girlfriend, she is Celiac, which means no gluten at all. She loved the Gluten free recipe section and found many of the recipes in other sections of the book to be Gluten free as well.

The only thing missing from this book is a “Duplicate / Clone” button. I want to give this book to friends and family. Fortunately, it is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This book is a perfect gift for someone dealing with Diabetes. You can also find the recipes online at

“The Diabetes Cookbook” is full of tasty and healthy recipes. The book is very well organized, and the recipes are easy to follow. This book can help a Diabetics lifestyle immensely. Thus, our wholehearted approval of this cookbook. It is amazing what a few good healthy meals can mean to a person with Diabetes. Review Score:

10 out of 10

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