Now Available on Amazon’s Alexa

by Ken Patterson, President of

Our amazing team has created a new skill for Amazon Alexa users – “My Diabetes Lifestyle” is now active on Alexa. We are beyond excited to hear our articles being read out loud by Alexa. This new technology allows our community of people with diabetes to gain even deeper access to our ongoing content that supports a successful lifestyle while coping with diabetes and all its challenges.

So, now you can listen to our articles when you are using Alexa.

If you have an Alexa device, all you need to say is “Alexa, activate My Diabetes Lifestyle”. This will activate the skill with Alexa. You need to do this once.

Then, when you want to listen to new articles from, you just need to say “Alexa, open My Diabetes Lifestyle”. Then you can listen to our great articles.

In the future, we will have our diabetes quiz on Alexa. We are also exploring other functionality and value that Alexa can bring to our community.

Thank you to the team for your skill and craftmanship you demonstrate daily. Thank you to our fulltime members and our network of followers on Facebook – we are here for you. We are working each day to get information out that can help change lives. Please, if you find value in us, pass on our information to others that would benefit from our diabetes lifestyle content on how to improve their lives.

Keeping asking questions of us. We listen to your comments and use that as fuel for future articles.

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