eating on the go when you have diabetes

Eating on the Go When You Have Diabetes

With today’s busy lifestyle, cooking healthy meals at home every day isn’t always realistic. Since eating out is so common, learn how to pick the healthiest choices to help you manage your diabetes.  Here are some tips. Better beverages                Drinks full of sugar, like juice and soda, will cause Continue Reading

mother with newborn

What to Expect During a Type 1 Diabetic Pregnancy

By Kendra Perley Expecting a baby is an exciting time, but it also comes with its fair amount of nervousness and worry. These feelings are amplified if considering a pregnancy as a woman living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). Unlike Type 2 diabetes, type 1 is caused by an autoimmune Continue Reading

five diabetes myths

Five Diabetic Myths

Many people have diabetes, but there is a lot of misinformation about this disease. Get the facts straight about diabetes so you can take better care of yourself. We will discuss 5 common myths and why they are wrong. Sugar causes diabetes             The truth is, we don’t know what Continue Reading


I Just Found Out I Have Diabetes – Now What?

By Renee Wickliff, RD, CDCES, BSN, RN Maybe you are at your doctor’s office getting a yearly checkup when they tell you your lab work came back, and you have diabetes. Or maybe you are doing a health screening at work and the staff tells you to follow up with Continue Reading

blackberries raspberries blueberries

The Best Foods for Diabetics

Fight diabetes with every bite you take. Below I have listed some of the healthiest foods to help improve your blood sugar and health. Tips are included in each section on how to include these nutritious choices into your everyday diet. Peanuts                Almonds are usually recommended as a great Continue Reading


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blood sugar measuring to recognize low blood sugar

Recognizing a ‘Low Blood Sugar’ Episode

If you or any of your loved ones has diabetes, you must be aware of a sugar low episode. When your blood sugar level plummets to 70mg/dL or lower, you call it hypoglycemia. In past research, it was seen that people with type 2 diabetes experienced mild low sugar episodes Continue Reading

Exercising with type 1 diabetes

Exercise Tips to Help Manage Type 1 Diabetes

Living with type 1 diabetes means you need to pay extra attention to your health, and do your part to live a healthy lifestyle to reduce any long-term complications of diabetes. Let’s be honest here, it isn’t easy. Between doctor’s appointments, medications and supplies, and counting carbs, managing type 1 Continue Reading


Healthy Eating During the Quarantine

By Renee Wickliff BSN, RN, RD, CDE If you have diabetes, you are at higher risk for getting very sick if you catch coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s a good idea to stock up on nonperishable goods to avoid additional trips to the grocery store. Consider having groceries delivered to your home Continue Reading


Importance of a Daily Routine for Diabetics

If you get diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, you need to make some changes in your life. You need to have a proper routine to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Morning Routine Check Your Blood Sugar After the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, you must buy a glucometer. As Continue Reading