10 Thirst-Quenching Beverages Other than Plain Water

by Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES You’re thirsty and looking for a refreshing drink. But then you start thinking about your blood sugar and remember that someone told you that you should only drink water. Believe it or not, there are beverages that you can take delight in. Diabetes-friendly beverages The Continue Reading

5 Delightful Foods to Nourish Your Holiday Season

by Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES This holiday season, sink your teeth into some of the delightful foods that nature has made available with the season change. They provide different textures, bright colors, crunch, and an array of flavors. These antioxidant-filled foods fit nicely into a healthy eating pattern for diabetes Continue Reading

Nuts and More Nuts: Which Are Best For You?

by Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES Nuts are not just for squirrels; we have gone nuts over their excellent taste too. The crunchy bites furnish healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and supply fiber in each serving. And more than this, nuts have been shown to aid with heart protection which is Continue Reading