How to Keep a Change in Your Schedule from Sabotaging Your Blood Sugar

by Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES Even though you have your routine down, there are times when events or unexpected situations arise that throw you off. With these situations, your blood sugar can start getting out of range by becoming too high or too low. Here is an example – everything Continue Reading

The World of Soy Products and Their Impact on Health

Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES What is Soy? Soy is a high-quality plant-based protein food source that comes from soybeans. Comprising the nine essential amino acids that our bodies cannot make, soy is comparable to animal protein. Soy is seen as a nutrition powerhouse by some, while others steer clear of Continue Reading

Enjoying a Hearty, Comforting Soup

by Grace Rivers, RDN, CDCES You’re looking for warmth and comfort, and a bowl of soup sounds inviting. You also know you are working on limiting your sodium intake and that when you eat soup, you get hungry an hour later. What can you do to make this work? Having Continue Reading

How Can I Lower My Blood Sugar?

by Justin Fowler-Lindner, a former EMT turned health writer This is the question on every diabetic’s mind! After all, so much of our lives revolve around worrying about that pesky blood sugar. Luckily, with the right techniques you can live a comfortable, low blood-sugar life. Dangers of High Blood Sugar Continue Reading